Medical Oncology – Now Available In Clifton, NJ!

What Makes PetCure Oncology Different?

PetCure Oncology works with the most experienced team of veterinary radiation oncologists in the world and leading veterinary specialty centers across the United States. Now, PetCure Oncology is proud to offer these services to clients and referring veterinarians in and out of the Clifton, NJ area!

We ensure best-in-class protocols and human-caliber cancer treatment area available. Overseen by two PetCure-affiliated, board-certified radiation oncologists, you can be sure we only provide the very best in practices.

And clients and veterinarians agree – the technological access and customer service PetCure Oncology provide are game-changing. See what we can do for you or your client’s pets today with our incoming veterinary radiation oncology expert – Dr. Michelle Morges!

Introducing Dr. Michelle Morges

As our board certified medical oncologist at PetCure in Clifton, Dr. Morges is available for consultations in oncology cases, performs diagnostic work-ups for various tumors and treats this disease with great passion.  Dr. Morges works collaboratively with PetCure’s radiation oncologists as well as other remote specialists.  She is well-trained in chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  Dr. Morges is also certified in veterinary acupuncture and happily accepts acupuncture cases for both cancer and non-cancer cases.   

Dr. Morges earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware.  She graduated from Colorado State University’s Veterinary School in 2009 and completed a residency in medical oncology at CSU in 2014. While there she earned a Master’s degree. 

Dr. Morges is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She is happy to take your call to discuss a case!

PetCure Oncology is here to support you and your practice. Dr. Michelle Morges and the veterinary medical oncology team will work with you to offer your clients the safest, most effect and least disruptive treatment possible. At any point in the case management process, from diagnostics to treatment, the team in Clifton, NJ, will fill whatever role you need to provide clients with the best cancer care possible.

Offering board-certified expertise in radiation oncology, tertiary care facilities, and many other incredible resources for truly comprehensive cancer care, Dr. Morges and PetCure Oncology are here to supplement existing cancer care for both primary care veterinarians and specialists to improving the lives of pets and their families.

What Is Changing, Why It Is Good For You, and How To Get In Touch

The new veterinary medical oncology team at Clifton, NJ, led by Dr. Michelle Morges, provides a brand-new opportunity for veterinary referrals and pet cancer care. With world-class facilities and technology, there’s a new resource for primary care veterinarians, veterinary specialists, and concerned pet parents to care for their pets and patients.

The Clifton, NJ location of PetCure Oncology will be a unique offering – the first standalone radiation therapy and imaging center in the PetCure family! And even more facility upgrades are in the works, expected to be completed by mid-April, 2021. An on-site specialist and top-of-the-line facility are powerful opportunities for any interested DVM looking for comprehensive pet cancer care. This collaborative approach to cancer care also provides a great advantage in on-site access to specialists in neurology and radiology!