Pet Summer Safety Tips

Keeping your pet safe during the summer heat.

This week the team at PetCure Oncology shares tips and ideas for helping your pets beat the summer heat, keeping your kitty safe during the dogs days of summer, protecting your pets from sunburn and we wrap with swimming pool fun and safety for your dog.

– What can you do to keep your pet healthy and happy in the summer heat? petMD shares but it’s important to remember that your cat will feel the heat before you do. Hartz provides a list of Summertime Cat Care tips to be sure you both beat the heat.

-Ever wonder if your pet could get sunburned? Both cats and dogs are susceptible to sunburn and can develop skin cancer. In Protect Your Pets From Getting Sunburned, About.com offers important pet sunscreen tips.

– Fido and the family can enjoy summertime fun, poolside. Swimming is great exercise and a fun way to beat the summer heat. Animal Planet takes a look at water breeds, toys and pool safety in the article Pool Games for Your Pups Summer Happy Everything.

That wraps this week’s pet health review of news and articles for the up-to-date pet family. In closing, we’ll leave you with an invitation to learn more about PetCure Oncology and our partner sites who are brining life saving cancer care to your furry family members.